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for the new bourgeois

Right Place, Wrong Time
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Mod- electricxcherry

Waytansea was created for the New Bourgeois of

It is a community that promotes active discussion about everything
intellectual and/or decadent, with
an emphasis on glamour and sleaze. Feel free to post pictures, promote related
communities and
talk absolute bullshit so long as it's on topic.

Does glamour have a place in a world increasingly dominated by pixels and
html? Glamour has
experienced so many radically different interpretations over the years, and has
so many different
meanings in so many different contexts, from glam rock, to glamour modelling.
This community is for
discussion of as many different facets of glamorous society as you can imagine.

Where does sensuality meet sex now that we live in a world of Ann Summers
high street sex toys?
Now that fetishism has been so absorbed by mainstream culture, has the sexuality
been taken out
of sex?

But most of all, I hope this community will be a place for the Bright Young
Things to meet, talk rubbish
and discuss pretentious shit without being horribly pretentious ourselves.

I'm looking for someone to moderate this community with me if/when it becomes
a bit more active.
Which I kindof hope it will, because I want there to be a place on LJ to discuss
all this kind of thing.